500px vs Flickr: 4 Reasons why Flickr is Better

IMPORTANT UPDATE! With the new Flickr, this post is out of date and may not present accurate information! Please read the new review on the new Flickr!

After a well-deserved vacation, I am back at writing for my blog. This post is the third of the 500px vs. Flickr series and is concern on the reasons why you  might consider still keeping your Flickr Pro account over getting a brand new 500px one.

500px vs Flickr: 4 Reasons why Flickr is Better

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Flickr has a larger audience than 500px.

I have decided to start this post from this motivation because it might well be the main reason why you should keep your Flickr account alive over a 500px one. Flickr statistics show that this social website has f 51 million registered members. That is a very impressive number and certainly 500px cannot compete with that, for now.

If you are a photographer and you are eager to share your photos, you must consider this. Flickr social activity is vibrant: I constantly see comments and favorites appearing in my pictures. I actively upload my photos to the various groups (no groups in 500px, by the way) and sort my pictures in sets and categories (none of these are available in 500px) giving the possibility to my audience to browse through my photography easily.

One of my pictures on Flickr soon to be moved to 500px
One of my pictures on Flickr soon to be moved to 500px


Flickr has a huge company on his back

Flickr is backed up by Yahoo. Sure, Yahoo is not the invincible giant of 10 years ago, but still, the nice feeling of having a strong corporation behind my photos eases my mind in believing that my pictures will be taken care of by experts (although, mistakes have been made also by them). Sorry to say this about 500px, but they are still a small company that can make mistakes. Flickr can also still grow. Recent hirings are a proof of the intent to this.


Flickr is reliable

What do I mean by this? Well, Flickr has been around for a long time, since 2004. That is almost 10 year. An era, in computer-time. It has a clear identity and knows very well what its work is: host photos for users who want to showcase them with people, stimulating a social approach. It does its work very well. What about 500px? This is the main problem. Who is 500px battleing against? Is it really Flickr? Is it 1X? or maybe RedBubble? Or, even more, all of them? If the latter is the case, the risk for 500px to try too hard and loose all the battles together.

Creative Commons

Flickr uses Creative Commons

Well, this is extremely important to me. Copyright protection of my photos uploaded to a website. Flickr gives you the possibility to choose how to license your pictures through Creative Commons at the moment you upload them. 500px leaves it to a, i.e., “Copyright Giulio Menna”. Sure, none of these two ways of protecting our photos is really reliable, but lets say that Flickr’s use of Creative Commons make it look like it is a bit more official.

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