500px vs Flickr: 4 Reasons why 500px is Better

IMPORTANT UPDATE! With the new Flickr, this post is out of date and may not present accurate information! Please read the new review on the new Flickr!

We begin the 500px vs Flickr series with an over view of the reasons why the new kid on the block might be a better solution to show off your photography over the old giant. Both contestants have their pros and their cons: 500px represents the new promising kid without history. Flickr is the monopolist from the past century with a lot of expertise and reliability. Here we give a look at why 500px has the edge.

500px vs Flickr: 4 Reasons why 500px is Better

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500px looks better.

Let’s begin from the most evident feature: 500px is new, young and fresh; not only from a timeline point of view, but also from the graphic point of view. Look at the images below: Which Would you go for?

500px Profile Page 2012
500px Profile Page
Flickr photostream 2012
Flickr Page

I mentioned it in my earlier post on this matter: “Flickr is esthetically and conceptually old”. The graphic update I was hoping for never arrived. At this point I wonder if it will ever arrive.

Selling your Photography

500px gives you the possibility to sell your photos. Flickr doesn’t.

500px price is fixed at 199$ for 24×36″ and 30×30″ canvas prints. You can’t changed it. For every picture you sell you will earn circa 40$.

Customers are given also the possibility to download a HD version of your photo. These are sold at $2.99 and you will earn $2.00 out of each sale (a nice 70%).

In case someone buys your HD photo from and iPad you will earn $1.47. This is due to the fact that Apple gets $0.90 of those $2.99. You always get 70% of what remains.

You can find more detailed info on 500px’s Market Fee Schedule.

Social Media

500px is not only designed to showcase your photography, but it is also designed so that your photos get shared, fast.

Obviously, you can share your Flickr photos on Facebook and Twitter too, but to do so you have to go through an extra step when compared to 500px.

In 500px the share buttons are right under your photo and not in a sub-menu like in Flickr. One click and your photo can be shared by your fans on the main social websites. Pinterest is not there yet, but in both 500px and Flickr, using your Pinterest Bookmarklet solves the problem.

500px Social Sharing buttons
Don’t Get distracted! Notice the buttons in the lower right. Photo by Deni Soul

Mobile Support

Simply said: Flickr has no iPad app and a slow iPhone app. 500px deals with both.

This webiste recieves 1000 views a  month. 30% of this traffic comes from tablets (iPad, iPhone mostly). Because of that even I, in my little, had to adapt to the new market. Why hasn’t Flickr done that?

500px, instead, has a very solid iPad app and the official is already designed to accommodate both computer and mobile users.

Also: in your 500px Portfolio settings section there is the option to have your page “Mobile Optimized”.

Thing look grim for Flickr, at the moment. Is it really the case? Next post in the 500px vs Flickr series will focus on why Flickr is not to throw away. Stay tuned.

Photo: “Window” by Dani Soul

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