500px vs Flickr: Is it Time to Move?

IMPORTANT UPDATE! With the new Flickr, this post is out of date and may not present accurate information! Please read the new review on the new Flickr!

The question that appears to be troubling digital photographers these days is, like the title says: “500px vs Flickr: Is it Time to Move?”.

I have already written a few articles on this matter (here, here and here), but I have investigated a bit more and might have discovered some data that might convince you to move from Flickr to 500px, or vice versa.

500px vs Flickr: What Google Insight for Search tells us

Look at these two images. The first shows the search volume pattern for Flickr in the past years. The second shows the pattern for 500px.

500px vs Flickr: Flickr Searches
500px vs Flickr: Flickr Searches
500px v Flickr: 500px searches
500px v Flickr: 500px searches

Now, this is interesting: the interest in Flickr has been going down constantly in the past years. 500px, on the other hand shows the opposite trend.

This could indicate that it is time to move to 500px, but we have to investigate further to sure of what we are doing.

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First of all: Google Insight for Search does not show us the quantity of searches that have been done. Therefore, maybe, 2M people are searching the word “Flickr”, while only 500’000 are searching for “500px”. Yet, it is undeniable that the interest in 500px has been going up while the interest in Flickr has been going down.

But I have a story to tell: yesterday (7th September 2012)  I received an inquiry from a Design company regarding this photo:

500px vs Flickr: In my case Flickr helped more

They wanted to know if it was for sale and how much would it cost. The deal went in and I made a little money, along with my photo going on a website that will be, hopefully, very visited.

It appears to me that Flickr is still the place to be if you want to be serious with your photos, while 500px appears still to be immature.

Bottom Line

The “500px vs Flickr” battle appears still to be developing as I write.

My gut feeling is that, unless Flickr makes a surprising move that renovates the whole site, 500px will eat up a large part of the market. Moving to 500px now could be an idea. You can always try: it’s free anyway.

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