Il Mito di Roma – Fontana dei Tritoni

Il Mito di Roma - Fontana dei Tritoni
Il Mito di Roma – Fontana dei Tritoni
Possibly my favorite photo of the collection, the “Fontana dei Tritoni” is the photo that better represents Rome.

The fountain is beautiful when you look at it, inspiring, relaxing in a beautiful sunny day; but if you look carefully you notice that the triton’s face is fleshless. His original beauty has been taken away by the passing of time and what remains is only a fascinating decay.

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“Il Mito di Roma” started of as a video and then, with the help and advise of my Professor, roman photographer Silvia Massotti, it became a photography thesis composed of 500 shots, 22 framed prints 45x30cm (50x35cm with black frame on), a website, and a 120 pages book.“Il Mito di Roma” explores, through the use of only photography and very little written words, the reasons that have made Rome, Rome.The photos invite the viewer that have already been in the Eternal City to rethink what they have seen; and invite the people living in the city to revisit the city with new eyes being Rome a city that is never, ever fully explored.

The book that was made out of these photos is for sale here.

The print is for sale here.

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