Lightroom Presets: Link List to Free Downloads

Yesterday I went on a hunt for Adobe Lightroom presets and found many intersting links. I decided to create a list and point out where you can download them. I hope you will find them useful.

Lightroom Presets Links

  • Adobe Lightroom Exchange – This is where your search should begin. It’s a hub with links to most popular Lightroom presets. You will have to register to Adobe. It’s free and easy.
  • Bryan Wheeler’s 27 Free Lightroom Presets – compatible with LR 1, 2, 3 & 4 – The most popular download on Adobe Lightroom Exchange is also the best starting point to get quite some presets. The link takes you to Microsoft SkyDrive, where the files are hosted. No need to register. Highly recommended!
  • X-Equals Presets – Among my favorites for sure! Again, very recommended. I particularly like “City Scapes”. Anyway, there are two collections for you to download: Volume 1 and Volume 2. The download links are at the bottom of the pages. No registration required.
  • LRPAD – Another series of presets I personally end up using from time to time. 11 different Lightroom presets for all the occasions.
  • profiPhotos – Going down in my preferences. Still worth a try! Various presets on this page.
  • mcg studios // sean mcgrath – Last but not least, here’s a fanstastic collection of presets. Many are for free, some are obtainable through Paypal donations. Well, the free ones will satisfy you for sure!

Well, these are just few of the links that I thought were worth mentioning. Once again, the best source to other presets is the Adobe Lightroom Exchange website which gets updated quite often with new presets.

Lightroom Presets Results
Leiden, the Netherlands. Tweeked City Scapes preset.

Personal Thoughts on Presets

Keep in mind, my fellow photographers, that presets are not the beginning point or the final point of your photos. Presets are nice and can help interpret a photo you took but if the photo is crappy… well… it will remain crappy. We have a saying in Italy: “you can make a toilet fancy, but it will always remain a toilet in the end”. So, get a decent technique, then apply presets if you please. Once you have applied a preset, it is time to play around with settings. Every photo is unique and every photo requires unique settings to make it look as beautiful as it could. Keep that in mind. Happy editing!

Giulio Menna
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