Review review, the advertising platform from Bing/Yahoo! started of well. Very well. Maybe too well. After being accepted into their advertising program, I was carefully taken care of by their customer support via email. A pleasant service. The first week of implementation went on with a $2.00 RPM (Revenue Per 1’000 Impressions). “Nice”, I thought to my self, “This could boost my income from my websites”. And I started experimenting by replacing AdSense ads with’s. Homepage Homepage. A good design, in my opinion.’s Good Sides

  • The targeted ads were adapting to the content of the websites I manage.
  • Ads’ sizes were slightly different from Google’s and they would fit better in my design.
  • Customer support that guides you in the early stages.
  • A clear and very usable interface. – The First Week

What i saw from the reports was comforting and positive: Simply, I was earning more with Bing/Yahoo’s ads than with Google’s AdSense. But I always had the feeling that something was about to go wrong. In fact, after a week, the RPM dropped down to 0. Zero. Nada. This lasted 2 days. Then, it suddenly went up to a stunning $48,02 (!) for one day. Then it dropped down to 0 again. Clearly, something was wrong. When searching for explanations, they are difficult to find on the website (I could have sent an email and ask for details. But I didn’t). The feeling that the publisher gets is that he is lured into the Bing Network Contextual Ads program with a very tasty RPM for a few days. Then, when you are hooked, the RPM goes down. The result is that it starts smelling fishy. When it comes to money, I want to be sure of what I am doing. AdSense gives me this certainty, doesn’t.

Keepers of the sacred word: Trust

In the end, there is a trust issue: AdSense works. We all know it works. True: there isn’t a lot of money involved for the average blogger. But in the end, you will make something. is rather new. And I haven’t seen a lot of positive feedback around. Think of AdSense like German bonds and like the Greek ones: one has a very low interest rate and will give very little return on investment, but it will always give something in the end. The other one is risky, you never know what will change and you don’t know if you’ll ever get your money.
I am going to keep AdSense on my websites as main advertisement and relegate in a minor position. I don’t trust it as much as I trust AdSense. For now.  As the Brits like to say: If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. I will update the post as the experience with develops.

That Is Just Annoying!

Small issue: The website appears to work only on Internet Explorer. On Google Chrome, when trying to access the ads to be installed or the reports: “Some error occurred while processing the request…”. I haven’t tried other browsers (i.e. Safari) but this just feels plainly weird and annoying. I had to use Internet Explorer after God knows how long. Chrome Error
The error message that appears on when using Google Chrome.

Last but not least: you must have the majority of your traffic coming from the US! Or you will not receive any money in the end.

Ad Maiora.

Giulio Menna
Lover of: all things digital, humanities, and medieval manuscripts. I created Sexy Codicology and the DMMmaps Project and run them both with passion and love in my free time. I am an MA graduate in Book and Digital Media Studies at Leiden University. Still happily living in the Netherlands.
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