Medium: the best writing app for Android tablets and iPad

Medium: Just like Manuscripts

Why Medium wins at making people write on mobile devices

Writing is no easy task. Writing “well” is a near-impossible task. Yet,here I am writing posts that hopefully people will read, or maybe not. For the first time I am writing a post not from my PC (or laptop), but from a tablet. For the first time I am writing without a classic keyboard, but with a digital one.

Medium: Just like Manuscripts
Pen trials in Beneventan Script from Montecassino Abbey, Italy.

I am writing from my Nexus 7, from my beach house in Italy, from a place that barely has internet but that has a fantastic view of the Mediterranean sea instead. It inspires me to write; but writing must be a comfortable experience. When I have paper and pen I sit down anywhere and I start writing: on the couch; on the balcony facing the sea; on the bed.

When I type though, I am mostly forced to sit on at the desk or on a table in general. Writing while sitting on the couch is a pain for my back; when I write on the balcony I can barely see what’s going on the screen. Therefor: desk or table.

Usually I don’t mind that; maybe sitting in those places makes me focus more. Maybe it makes me write “better”. There are times In which I don’t want to write well. I just want to let my brain run free and write down whatever comes to it, wherever I am. This is where Medium comes into play.

Like right now. I am sitting on my bed and I am writing. And I am writing on Medium. Why?

Medium: The reasons of it’s success?

Well, where do we begin?

  • It looks good: The font is right, the white space is right, the feel is right, that’s for sure
  • It’s a controlled environment: There are no options. The font is set along with the size and the distances. All I haven to do is to write. Maybe sometimes a lot of choices lead to a lot of wasted time spent choosing. Here I just type! No worry about the details.
  • It’s fast: Write-post. Done.

Medium doesn’t have a real mobile app yet. Something you can download and start using right away. It has a mobile-optimized website though, which works well but has some bugs. The solution for me is to “request the desktop website” which still looks and feels great, even on a 7 inches display.

The bottom line is: I wrote this post on Medium; it was a pleasure and you should try it too.

Giulio Menna
Lover of: all things digital, humanities, and medieval manuscripts. I created Sexy Codicology and the DMMmaps Project and run them both with passion and love in my free time. I am an MA graduate in Book and Digital Media Studies at Leiden University. Still happily living in the Netherlands.
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