Moleskine Book Journal, a Review

Moleskine Book Journal
Moleskine Book Journal
The cover of the Moleskine Book Journal with the embossed titles.

Moleskine Passions is a collection of various journals to record and recall memories, thoughts and notes about different passions.”– This is how Moleskine summarizes the identity of series of journals it has been releasing since the 2010 Frankfurt Book Fair.

This review is about the Moleskine Book Journal, a diary where you can insert all your thoughts about books you have recently read.

I have been using this log since I bought my Amazon Kindle 3G half a year ago and it has been a wonderful companion ever since.

As any other “Large” format Moleskine diary, the Moleskine Book Journal presents itself with 13×21 cm pages (5×8 inches), has 240 acid-free paper pages. The main difference when compared to other productions by the same company is the cover: it is a hard, black cover; fully embossed with titles of famous literary works such as Nana, En Attendant Godot, The Sound and the Fury, and many more.

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Once opened you discover the alphabetically organized sectionsthat occupies more than half of the log. Here you will be able to transcribe your thoughts and opinion on your read books.

Moleskine Book Journal
The alphabetical section of the notebook plus the classic elastic band.

Every letter section has space for 5 books. This can be too little for many, especially if you are a avid bookworm or have read many books starting with the same letter, since they can’t be expanded.

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The second half of the Moleskine Book Journal is dedicated to 6 tabbed sections that can be personalized according to one’s needs and taste by the use of 6 of the 40 adhesive labels (I have organized them in this way: “Favorite, To Read, Characters, Websites, My Library, E-books”, for example.) Very useful to note things you loved in the book or interesting details about the book world.

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Beyond the 6 tabbed sections, 14 classic Moleskine blank pages “to unleash your passion’s creativity” and finally: a double expandable inner pocket where you will find 150 more colored stickers to personalize each page.

Also, there’s a small present waiting for you inside the log…

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