Moleskine Classic Extra Large Soft Cover Ruled Notebook, a Review

Today I wanted to prize me with one of these notebooks and I must say: it is quite a fine addition to my Moleskine collection.

Moleskine Classic Extra Large Soft Cover Ruled Notebook
The ruled pages and the place holder


This is the first soft-cover notebook by Moleskine I have ever owned. I was dubious whether to pick it up or not since I always appreciated the hard-covers. I feel a sense of sturdiness coming from that type of covers that gives me the confidence that whatever I will write in these notebooks will outlast me.

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I always thought that softcovers were like those cheap limp leather covers from the middle ages: a cheaper version.

As soon as I opened the plastic bag and held this notebook in my hand a very pleasant feeling truck me: the “soft cover” is really “soft” but not in a cheap way; all the opposite: It feels even better than the hard-covers! Difficult to explain the sensation in written words; I will summarize it by saying it feels like “handling a real leather binding.”

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On  a more technical note, it is a real “Moleskine Classic”:

192 rulled pages with 6mm spacing, in typical Moleskine off-white paper color, 19 x 25 x 1,3 cm for a total weight of more or less 450 gr. Usual pocket at the end of the product, rounded edges, elastic to keep the notebook closed, cloth ribbon placeholder.

I had the very bad idea of buying it from a local store and it costed 19 euros (that’s 27 us dollars, more or less) so I strongly advice you get it from amazon and get it for half that price.


I have been using this Moleskine notebook for months now. Writing all kind of things: plans for my websites, thesis details, internship projects. Very satisfied!

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