Moleskine Large 12 months Daily Planner Red Hard Cover, a Review

The Moleskine Daily Planner 2012 is my choice for this year.

Why red? Because owning a wide collection of Moleskine I need something that stands out and is easily identificable among the rest of the black covers.

Moleskine Large 12 months Daily Planner Red Hard Cover

Why Hard Cover? To stand the test of time! Moleskine Classic Extra Large Soft Cover Ruled Notebook already shows some ruined edges and I personally want my agendas to be in shape even in 10 years from now.

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Why Daily? Because I like to keep a diary and write a lot, in this perspective the Moleskine Daily Planner is the perfect match for my needs as it shows a day on every page along with two symbols at the end of the page where you can insert the weather and temperature of that day.

Moleskine Large 12 months Daily Planner Red Hard Cover
Detail of a page

What I really enjoy about this agenda is the solid feel it gives you when you hold it in your hand. It feels like you are holding something valuable, something that is worth your writing. This is a feeling I did not really enjoy in my older Moleskine Weekly agenda. Although, this nice feel comes with an issue: the weight. I can’t be said that this agenda is light. With a weight of almost half a kilogram, the Moleskine Daily Planner not the lightest planner you can posses. You can carry it around, but probably it is better to leave it home to check it at the beginning of the day and at the end of it. Its dimensions are the standard “Large” format for all the Moleskine products: 13 x 21cm. If interested in smaller and more portable versions of this agenda, try giving a look at the Moleskine 2012 12 Month Daily Planner Blue Hard Cover X-Small or the Moleskine 2012 12 Months Pocket Black Soft Cover.

 Moleskine Daily Planner: Worth It?

Moleskine Large 12 months Daily Planner Red Hard Cover
Another detail of a page. Notice the possibility to write down weather and temperature.

This agenda costs around 20$, depending on where you buy it . My opinion is that this  Moleskine Daily Planner is worth the initial investment. It will accompany you throughout the year without any issues and will withhold your thoughts and ideas in a classy and reliable way. Plus, there are 255 adhesive labels along with a 24 page archive (on a personal note, I must admit though that I found the phone book at the end of the 2011 weekly agenda more useful than this archive.)

As always, a bookmark, the elastic closure and the expandable inner pocket complete this Moleskine product.

Recommended. Get it here.

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