Moleskine Messenger Bag: a Review

Moleskine (, the famous Milan-based company that has given birth to notebooks, diaries, travel guides, books and albums now internationally recognized (even Hilary Clinton has one: has recently started a series of products that move away from the classic paper that has made this company famous. These are products such as pencils, pens, cases, glasses, bags and so on. Among these the Moleskine Messenger Bag.

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I must admit that to purists (like myself) this idea made me turn up our noses, or rather it made us rather afraid. Moleskine has a reputation to defend: that of making high quality products with an irresistible fascination on many because of their simplicity.

What frightened me was the fact that Moleskine was entering a field that is not really “theirs” and the question that flashed in my mind often was: “that quality can these new products have?”

Moleskine Messenger Bag: Is It Any Good?

Moleskine Messenger Bag (3 of 5)
Moleskine’s 16 Months Agenda and the Moleskine Messenger Bag

Sure, I’ve never been disappointed by this company: calendars, contacts, a new series with the various “Journal” … all items with a unique feeling that conquered half the world and even myself. But now? And what if Moleskine decided to give life to objects of B series only to exploit her name? “Moleskine is cool anyway! Who cares about quality!”
I decided to test them and buy the Moleskine Messenger Bag
directly from an online store: € 120, including delivery by courier

The package arrived within 5 days as written on the website (including weekend, if you order on Monday morning probably 3 days after you have your product).
Extracted and released from the bag packaging (transparent plastic wrap, etc..) the first thing that comes true is the quality of the material it is made of (Polyurethane): soft and pleasant to the touch.

On opening the bag what hits you is the capacity (it can hold laptops with screens up to 15 “- the bag dimensions are 30x42x8 cm). The interior is divided into two by a partition and there is a pocket with a zip, medium sized.

Moleskine Messenger Bag
sliding buckle of the strap hidden inside the bag

Now, this pocket has dimensions similar to the various “large” agendas and would be ideal to keep my Moleskine agenda but, unfortunately, the inside pocket is big enough but the zipper is too short and doesn’t let the agenda slip in! Really a matter of a centimeter and the agenda (13x21cm) stays out (with a little effort can have a Kindle 3g with Amazon’s case slip in). This is an imperfection that is very, very annoying. A naive design error in my opinion (same mistake, in my opinion much more serious, was done in Storage Panel.)

The outer closing is assigned to a double layer with adjustable flaps that can be used as an additional pocket to hold objects (spreadsheets, notebooks, etc.) closable with buttons, or to completely seal the bag by turning it completely around the rigid base used to keep the bag upright. Two very intelligent and effective solutions.

The idea also to hide the sliding buckle of the strap inside the bag is in my view very elegant and original.
Can’t miss the tag tailoring that says: “In case of loss, please return to ….. As a reward $:…”

To sum up: a lovely bag, stylish and sophisticated with a little detail that bears his vote from 10 to 9.

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Moleskine Messenger Bag Pros and Cons


Beautiful and elegant
Value for money
Design solutions are simple but very effective…


…Accompanied by a small error in design that is very annoying
The interior gets dirty easily since it’s in an “ivory” color

Moleskine Messenger Bag
Detail of the rigid base


A little surprise awaits you in your bag. Nothing that will make you tear your hair off, but personally I was delighted to find it.

Get your Moleskine Messenger Bag here!

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