Moleskine Reading Stand: a Review

Moleskine Reading Stand

The Moleskine Reading Stand? Not worth it.

Let’s cut it short: I was disappointed when i took the Moleskine Reading Stand out of the package.

It looked cool in the shop: Nice packaging, design, “this gotta be another Moleskine Success!” I thought, then I read the price: 15 Euros. “OK, not the cheapest, but I’m sure it will deliver when i start using it.”

Unfortunately, It didn’t.

Moleskine Reading Stand
Moleskine Reading Stand Stand, Book Journal, Weekly Planner and my love: Tag Heuer Calibre

To begin with, you get the most disappointing feeling as soon as you take it off it’s package. You start realizing you have spent 15 euros on what is essentially a nicely designed piece of plastic: Very light, inconsistent, fragile; it just feels cheap.

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Usability then. What can i say? I use it now to hold my Amazon Kindle 3g in place and it does its work perfectly. The Kindle’s screen-savers are all very elegant and stylish and this stand helps to show them off. It makes a very nice impression when you walk into the room and see the e-reader in place waiting to be picked up.

But this is a “Reading Stand” so in theory you should be able to read while the book is in place. Can you? No, you can’t. It’s just uncomfortable. You will end up picking the Kindle (or any other tablet you bay use) and read it in any other more comfortable position.

For what matters paper books, it gets worse. It is very difficult that this reading stand will actually keep your book in place on a determined page unless the book has a rigid cover. Annoying since it would have been sure nice to keep the most meaningful page of your favorite book open so that your friends might read it when they come visiting you.

I personally see its usefulness when it comes to using your Ipad or Galaxy Tab to watch a movie. In that case you fire up your favorite movie, sit anywhere, place your tablet and watch it hand free and relax. The reading stand lightweight can come in useful if you travel a lot and like to watch movies on the go. Imagine yourself on a train or airplane; ipad in front of you enjoying a movie hands free. If that’s your case then you might consider buying it since it would turn out useful.

Moleskine Reading Stand
Moleskine Reading Stand and Kindle 3G. Nice, but the problem is that it is uncomfortable to change pages this way.

There is also another point that i must critic in this Moleskine creation: the silicon ring that keeps the stand closed when you don’t use it. If you are careful enough not to loose it after one day, it will eventually break. It’s useless. A mechanic solution would have been more clever. OK, a silicon ring is cheaper than designing something to keep it close, but still…

The Moleskine Book Stand is available on

(watch more photos of the Moleskine Reading Stand)

Bottom line: It’s too expensive for what it offers, even if it’s Moleskine. I personally couldn’t help the feeling of having wasted 15 euros on something that should cost half its price, or less.

Consider buying it if you are always on the move and need a stand to watch movies on with your iPad, otherwise i feel like not advising it.

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