Moleskine Roller Pen, a Review

I have recieved a Moleskine Roller Pen as a present for my birthday (thank you!). Obviously, since it’s a Moleskine product and i always review their products, I couldn’t resist and decided to write a review about it.

Moleskine Roller Pen


Moleskine Roller Pen: Cool!

Yes, it is cool. The Moleskine Roller Pen looks really nice, especially if you are into minimalism design. Its body is black, its cap is black and it writes in black. You can’t get more minimal with the color palette than this.

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The coolest thing is, according to me, the cap: it has a clip which is designed to attach this pen to your Moleskine hard cover notebook. Using the clip on a softcover wasn’t so successful, as you can imagine.

The Moleskine Roller Pen cap

The Moleskine Roller Pen can be disassembled. This allows you to buy the Moleskine Rollerball Gel Refill for 3.95$ and change the color of your pen (black, blue, red, violet, brown).

Is It Comfortable To Write With?

No. It is not. It does feel a bit flimsy (the body is made of plastic) and the body is, essentially, rectangular. Not the best ergonomic form. Personally, I like a little weight in the pens I use, along with the most comfortable shape possible.

Is It Worth It?

Ah, my favorite part of the reviews I write. I could cut it short and say: “yes, it is worth it because it’s cool and it fits with my Moleskine collection” but… there is a “but”! Beside the design, this pen is nothing special. It’s a gel pen like many others. The official Moleskine description states:

‘It’s filled with a proprietary black gel ink that was especially developed for Moleskine paper: it’s clean, bright and quick-drying.’

Well, no. Look at the picture below.

Top line: Moleskine Roller Pen; Bottom line: Common pen

I have written these two sentences using the Moleskine Roller Pen for the top sentence, and my favorite gel pen for the other. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see such a “clean and bright ink” (plus, what’s a “clean” ink anyway?).

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Bottom line

It’s a stylish pen. It writes well, just like many other pens out there. It matches perfectly your Moleskine collection, but  it’s expensive for what it is: you pay for the design.

If you are after a good looking pen, and you are a Moleskine fanboy just like me, then this pen is the perfect match for you. If you just need a pen to write every day, well, there are so many other (cheaper) options out there.


It makes an excellent present! Consider this!


  • Cool.
  • Looks great along with other Moleskine products.
  • It writes well…


  • … just like many other pens out there.
  • It’s a bit uncomfortable to write with.
  • Expensive.

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