Moleskine Storage Panel: a Review

Moleskine Storage Panel

The Moleskine Storage Panel Disappoints.

In theory it would be great: The Moleskine Storage Panel is a 37 x 29 x 4 cm storage panel. It can be inserted in your various Moleskine bags ( it fits with the Messenger, Utility, Backpack, and Tote). I could carry all your Moleskine agendas, your laptop, pens, pencils and whatever a “modern day nomad” needs. Everything organized; two eventually separable panels attached to each other with velcro closures so you can decide to carry just one when needed.

Moleskine Storage Panel
The Moleskine Storage Panel plus an Agenda that will never fit

But, No. Remember the issue with the Moleskine Messenger Bag? The inside pocket not big enough to let a Moleskine agenda in?

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Same problem here! And this time it’s multiplied by three.

Personally i own a Moleskine 18-Month Pocket Weekly Planner, a Moleskine Large Desk Address Book and the Moleskine Passions Book Journal, plus a Moleskine Messenger Bag. Products i truly love and admire, that I keep with me at all times. This storage panel seemed, to my eyes, an excellent way to keep the bag organized by inserting the three diaries inside the large pockets; pens and other stuff in the medium ones, and small things in the remaining one. Logically my thought was:  “Large pockets: perfect for my agendas!” also considering the way Moleskine website has it: “Perfectly compatible with the legendary notebooks”.

Moleskine Storage Panel
Moleskine Storage Panel

Imagine my disappointment when i discovered that none of my Moleskine books was not the correct size to be inserted in the large pockets, by half a centimeter. Also, my MacBook does not exactly feel safe when inserted in the storage panel. It slides from side to side. The risk is that, using the Moleskine Storage Panel alone by carrying it out with the 2 handles, the 3 velcro closures wont hold and you could find your PC/Mac flying around the room. Meanwhile, once inserted in your bag it effectively helps preventing direct hits to your laptop.

I have recently made some “modifications” to the large pockets: a cut on the side, 1cm long near che zipper. This lets you insert the large agendas in these pockets. It is a very simple fix but it proves how annoying such a small designer error can be.

Bottom line: 55 Euros is simply too much for what it offers. If you want to go for it, it is available at Moleskine’s Internet Store.

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