New Flickr Review

New Flickr Review

On Monday 20th of May 2013 the new Flickr was reveled to the general public.

New Flickr, New Layout!

The most visible change in the new Flickr is, clearly, the new layout. Photos are bigger and occupy all of your screen. All the white space around them is gone. The comments are always at the bottom, just like before. The sets are still on the right, but now they have been pushed to the bottom too.

You can now a cover photo to your account (just like with Facebook and Google+. A fashion these days). Your profile picture has been enlarged.

It’s not really a HUGE change. There are small improvements that, put together. Make the new Flickr look better. The new graphic layout is, according to me, effective and a joy for the eyes. I don’t understand the unsatisfied users that rage against the release. The old Flickr was out of date. It looked aesthetically old. The new Flickr looks crisp. Usability is fine. Everything is just the same, but it all looks better. It is all about the images now. Just the way it should be!

New Flickr Layout
The new Flickr layout. These are my favorites: All Images and no text.
Old Flickr Layout
The old Flickr layout.

New Pricing

Concerning the “PRO” service: It’s gone. It honestly makes a lot of sense: 1TB for free is really a lot. I could upload all my RAW files from the past 10 years (20’000+ photos) and still have quite some space left. What has changed is that, now, with $49.99 per year, the ads are removed. For $499.99 a year: ads are removed and you get 2TB of space. I believe that the $499.99 euros a year service will be useful for companies or associations who want to have a photographic presence online, but do not want to own a separate server and website for that ($499.99 is an extremely reasonable price for such space since you don’t have to hire a team to keep it running).

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The “I want my money back!” Issue

There is an discussion going on concerning those people who paid the 25$ euros recently to get the old PRO subscription. They feel wronged since they payed for something that now they would get for free. Rightfully so. I wouldn’t be surprised if Yahoo! would pay the money back. But no official response to the situation has been given yet. If you have paid the $25, you have to hope.

Personal thoughts on the new Flickr

I believe that this new Flickr has one aim: reinforce his dominating position in the photography-sphere. With recent competitors such as 500px, Flickr was taking a beating. This new Flickr could be a great comeback. Even I was about to give 500px my money. But this changes everything. Why pay? You now have a place to showcase ALL your photography for free! In combination with a service that allows you to sell it: deadly combo. On this matter, Yahoo! has to find a way to monetize Flickr beyond the classic ads. It is my opinion that, soon enough, Flickr will enable you to sell your photos. Pretty much like 500px does, or RedBubble. That would be a killer move. It would be the definitive development that would blast the opposition off the market. As I mentioned in my other posts, it’s the only detail missing in Flickr.

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