OmmWriter, a Review

OmmWriter Feature

OmmWriter will change the way you blog.

Let’s be honest: Writing blog posts can be somewhat of a boring experience, sometimes. You spend an hour or two looking at your boring word processor, some random music in your ears, and the sound of the keyboard digits getting pressed accompanies you throughout the work.

Now you can change this. Introducing: OmmWriter, a piece of software by an independent creative agency based in Barcelona: that is available for free download at

OmmWriter Sample Window
OmmWriter with the text of this post on it.

What is OmmWriter?

I could explain this in a few words: It is a word processor with some new age music and soft sound effects in the background; stripped of all the clumsy and obtrusive icons that your usual word processor usually has. There are two versions: Dāna I and Dāna II: OmmWriter Dāna II contains the full set of 7 audio and 8 visual experiences, while Dāna I has 3 of both. The price of Dāna II varies, depending on your offering for it.

Is that it? Nothing more? Well, yes. That is what the program is, and that is what makes it great: its semplicity.

With OmmWriter, every writing session becomes an experience that you will gladly go through. It relaxes you. It takes the subconscious feeling of being in a hurry when writing a post away. In the end (according to me at least) it improves your overall writing.

Best thing of all: It’s free! At least the basic version is.

It saves the files in .txt, .pdf and .omm files, so you can export whatever you write easily.

OmmWriter Welcome Screen
The OmmWriter welcome screen from the Beta version. Not much has changed in the final version.

Is OmmWriter perfect?

It is not perfect: The main lack was a spellchecker integrated in the program. Not a real problem, since there are tons of other programs that do this. You cannot add your own music or background also. I understand the reason for this, and I agree with the choice done by the creators of OmmWriter, but I can see how  it could be annoying to someone.

By the way: this post was written on OmmWriter, exported to Word for spelling check and uploaded to WordPress. The writing process was a pleasure.

Reccomended. Download it here.

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