Agan Harahap – Superhistory

Agan Harahap’s Superhero is one of those works on which I sometimes stumble upon and that are simply awesome. No other words to describe them properly.

Today I found his works (visit his blog here). He is young Indonesian photographer who had  the genial idea of manipulating historical photos of the Second World War inserting superheroes into them.

A simple idea, realized with supreme technique. Check them out:

Agan Harahap – Superhero Images

Omaha Beach by Agan Harahap - Superhistory,
Omaha Beach, Normandy, 6 June 1944
Yalta by Agan Harahap - Superhistory,
Yalta, 1945 – Winston S. Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Josif Stalin
Wehrmacht soldiers are captured in 1945 by Agan Harahap - Superhistory,
Wehrmacht soldiers are captured in 1945
Greenham Airfield, 1944 by Agan Harahap - Superhistory
Greenham Airfield, 1944
Cherbourg, Normandy, 1944 by Agan Harahap - Superhistory
Cherbourg, Normandy, 1944
Himmler, Minsk, 1941 - Superhistory
Himmler, Minsk, 1941
Bomb by Agan Harahap - Superhistory
Neuschwanstein, 1945 - Superhistory by Agan Harahap
Neuschwanstein, 1945. American soldiers recover pieces of art stolen during World War II
The emperor Shinto - Superhistory
Japan, 1928. The emperor Shinto
Fidel Castro - Superhistory by Agan Harahap
Washington, 1959, Fidel Castro
Saigon, 1968 - Superhistory by Agan Harahap
Saigon, 1968
Winston Churchill, 1941 - Superhistory by Agan Harahap
Winston Churchill, 1941
Moscow, 1941 - Superhistory by Agan Harahap
Moscow, 1941
Joseph Stalin and Lenin - Superhistory by Agan Harahap
Joseph Stalin and Lenin
soldiers surrender during World War II - Superhistory
More soldiers surrender during World War II

I am sure that people will start analyzing these photos and find a deeper message in what the photographer has done here. Although I have studied aesthetics and should be able to such an analysis, I am more keen to say that he has had a great idea. In the end, some of these characters made their appearance during world war II (think of Captain America) and placing them within the pictures seems just so right. My personal favorite is the one of Omaha Beach. The At-At walkers from Start Wars fit the photo so well.  But then the question: are they on the Allied side or the Axis?

The photographer/designer also sports a nice portfolio on Flickr that you should run and check out.

Useless to say, all photos present on these page are by Agan Harahap.

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